The Financial Post writes “Gotcha! The new way to reduce absenteeism while boosting profitability and productivity” featuring Workplace Medical Corp. President, Bill Shapiro. Columnist Mitchell Osak works through the challenges HR departments face with manual reporting and how specialized systems are the way of the future.

Unplanned and avoidable absences affect company profitability

New methodologies can help reduce avoidable absences. His first step is to ensure the proper technology is in place to collect “Big Data”. After an organization reviews the employee absence data, they can implement a “Dedicated Solution”. A specialized solution transfers the responsibility of managing individual employee absence records from HR to an absence management software and dedicated third-party staff. Shapiro remarks, “If absence costs showed up as an expense line on the divisional P&L statement, it would get a lot more attention. The problem is that it is has been too difficult to get a hard number for that cost.” Osak adds a unique approach to reducing avoidable absences through “Gamification”: the game is attendance and the reward is recognition, feedback and enhanced status and large companies, like Microsoft, have found success with this approach.

Are you ready to reduce avoidable absences within your organization?

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