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Measuring the Success of Wellness Programs: Key Metrics and Evaluation

Measuring the success and engagement of your wellness program is crucial to ensure it is meeting your expectations and to provide valuable analytics to help refine and customize the program. However, employers struggle to define the value of their programs.In a 2019...

Why Choose Workplace Medical

One Stop Shop: From absence management, first-aid training and mobile-hearing testing to occupational health services and disability management, we are uniquely qualified to deliver a truly integrated service to clients, large and small. We can also provide individual services tailored to your organization’s unique requirements.

Reduce Avoidable Absences: When an employee is not at work, it can be costly for the individual and their employer. At Workplace Medical, we utilize a three-step process (Prevent, Respond, Return-to-Work), as well as a unique software solution, to keep employees safe and productive. Our return-to-work expertise, evident in our early medical intervention and case management, is unequalled in Canada.

We Come to You: It’s like making a “house call” for businesses. We can bring our team to your site, and deliver a range of services within your business, including occupational health services, mobile-hearing testing and first-aid training.

Coast-to-Coast Support: Workplace Medical owns and operates seven Ontario-based clinics and has established partnerships with affiliated clinics in every Canadian province – providing seamless support to local and national clients.

True Medical Advisors: We have over 20 physicians and 40 nurses on staff. Our entire team is committed, passionate and highly motivated. Our expertise, experience, and consultative approach has helped us earn the trust and confidence of clients, coast to coast.

Innovative Technology: We’ve designed and implemented an integrated, information technology platform to manage nearly every facet of our business – from initial client interaction and onboarding through to appointment booking, service delivery and invoicing. This progressive approach to managing mission-critical data makes Workplace Medical efficient, productive and provides important tools to deliver a higher level of service.

About Workplace Medical

Established in 1952, Workplace Medical provides a suite of occupational health services to clients across Canada. From prevention and response to return-to-work services, we help organization make the most of their greatest asset – its employees.

Today, Workplace Medical is the leading provider of occupational health service in Canada, delivering services to over 3,000 private and public organizations from coast to coast.

Reduce Avoidable Absences

Kristen Rendell
Customer Experience Lead / Administrative Team Lead / FIT For Work

Occupational Health

I have used Workplace Medical Corp on a few occasions to date to book out of province medicals on behalf of FIT For Work at multiple locations .
I consistently find all staff to be extremely friendly, accommodating and striving for excellence! Thank you for always providing a superior customer experience. It is greatly appreciated and does not go unnoticed!

Linda Doan RN, COHN(C), COHN-S
Occupational Health Specialist / Samuel, Son & Co.

Claims management and drug and alcohol testing

I have been working with the WMC for over 10 years and we have always had a good working relationship.  Everyone who answers the phone at the clinic is able to assist when I call to book pre-placements physicals under our specific protocols.  There is always someone available to speak with who is knowledgeable in claims management, or drug and alcohol testing.  The Clinic staff always takes the time to explain a process, provide information on best practices or make a suggestion to resolve an issue. I do appreciate our excellent working relationship. Thank you. ~SAMUEL

First Aid & CPR level C training

I was fortunate enough to have participated in First Aid & CPR level C training on Oct 11 & 12th with Curt Haney instructing. I have had instruction from 2 other organizations in the past, by a number of different instructors, and can say without a doubt never before have I received such amazing training! I expected the learning to serve as a re-fresher yet I learned so many new things during this session. More than the new learning is the confidence that has been instilled in each of us. Curt’s genuine, sincere approach, with so many of his life experiences shared, and his tremendous knowledge in this area provided us the best training! His delivery was never boring. He kept us engaged at all times! A very sincere thank you goes to Curt! ~ Ontario

Human Resources / Firestone Textiles

Workplace Medical Services

We have been using Workplace Medical for on-site hearing tests for some time now, and added their post offer medical, driver medicals, and Pulmonary Function testing a few years ago. We have also referred absenteeism issues to them for medical surveillance. We have always found Workplace Medical to be very response to our needs as an employer. From booking the appointment to getting reports and information back to us, the entire process is easily handled and painless. We can trust that the information provided is accurate, relevant to our workplace and will enable us to manage our employee health concerns more efficiently. We also have a nurse visit us on-site to conduct our driver medicals, and we have been able to set this up to meet our shift schedules, which is a great asset in a manufacturing environment. I would not hesitate to recommend Workplace Medical to any Company who is looking for first class medical services for their Organization. ~ Firestone

I manage the medical surveillance program for a mid-sized environmental engineering company for the US and Canada. Workplace Medical has been processing our employee medical exams in Canada for about five years now. With the help of Tina Daniel and Kim Vicari, our medical surveillance program for all the Provinces throughout Canada runs smoothly and efficiently. Any questions or problems are handled quickly and to our satisfaction. Without hesitation, I recommend Workplace Medical.

Patricia Polisena

CIBA Vision Sterile Manufacturing utilized the services of Workplace Medical to meet our occupational health services requirements from May 2008 to December 2014. Workplace Medical employees were very customer service focused and were amazing when orchestrating our onsite medical review of all our staff with minimal disruption to production. Angelo was our representative for the six years and was a pleasure to work with. He and his team provided great service and were also available to answer questions or provide recommendations. I am pleased to recommend Angelo and the professional services of Workplace Medical. It has been a pleasure to work with a consultant that is friendly, professional, but more importantly, one who understands our requirements and was very dependable.

Ken Hillier,
Production Manager / Ipex

I hope that this story might make an impact on folks so they take hearing testing seriously. I have been a participant in the on-site hearing testing program done by Workplace Medical Corporation at our Mississauga plant since 2008. The scores were poor in my left ear and getting progressively worse in the lower frequencies. From the 2010 test, the low frequency hearing was significantly worse compared to 2009. I went to my doctor and it was found that I had an acoustic neuroma. The tumor had grown to an extent where it could have caused facial paralysis to half of my face. The surgery removed the tumour. Unfortunately the inner ear had to be removed, however, if it were not for regular hearing testing the outcome could have been much worse.

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