COVID-19 Screening and Consulting For Your Workplace

Apply the first line of defence against COVID-19 with an effective and efficient screening program to protect your employees, customers, and community transmission.

We’ve developed a comprehensive and customizable COVID-19 assessment program with recommendations tailored to your organization’s needs. It will significantly reduce the potential for COVID-19 transmission in your workplace. Our screening program includes:

  • Antigen testing
  • Low-cost PCR testing
  • Rapid response capabilities

A complete strategy to ensure the stop of transmission in the workplace includes:

Medical staff checking the temperature

Your custom program could include any or all of the following:​

  • A detailed risk strategy outlining the steps to prevent COVID-19 transmission at your workplace and how to handle a positive result
  • Symptomatic screening through risk assessment questionnaire and temperature screening​
  • Asymptomatic screening (PCR and antigen rapid testing) that meets the highest compliance standards
  • Lab results reporting and analytics delivered to the appropriate stakeholders – quickly and efficiently
  • Project management to oversee and supervise the medical team dedicated to your organization and be your project point person

A consistent and efficient approach to screening asymptomatic employees has become a requirement for many industries. We offer two testing options:

Rapid, on-site screening  with results in under two hours. Our “mini-lab” set-up analyzes the nasopharyngeal swab samples of your employees – right in your workplace. This screening solution is fast, reliable, and can be completed at any location by our licensed professionals.

24-Hour, lab-based screening  administered by our team of professionals with expedited results tested by our partner laboratory. This screening option is a cost-effective and efficient solution for many employers. 


Where is our COVID-19 screening program working now?

Our on-site screening program is keeping employees safe in the following sectors:

Why choose Workplace Medical

Established in 1952, Workplace Medical provides a suite of occupational health services to clients across Canada. From prevention and response to return-to-work services, we help organizations make the most of their greatest asset: their employees.

Today, Workplace Medical is the leading provider of occupational health services in Canada, delivering services to over 3,000 private and public organizations nationwide.

Dedicated Medical Advisors: We have over 20 physicians and 40 nurses on staff. Our entire team is committed, passionate, and highly motivated. Our expertise, experience, and consultative approach have helped us earn the trust and confidence of clients, coast to coast.

We Come to You: It’s like making a “house call” for businesses. We can bring our team to your site, and deliver a range of services within your business for your convenience.

Fully Customizable Solutions: To meet your unique COVID-19 screening needs.

By putting in the work now, you ensure a safe workplace and a confident return to work program. Be our partner to end COVID-19 spread in Canada – contact us today.

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