COVID-19 Response

WMC continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact across all the geographies we operate. We are committed and prepared to address the evolving risks of the COVID-19 pandemic.   

Our plan incorporates all our operating divisions, namely (i) Occupational Health (ii) Mobile Hearing Services (ii) First Aid and Health and Safety Training and (iv) Disability Management and Absence Management.

We have updated our practices following the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 Guidance memorandum dated May 2, 2020. Highlights of WMC’s response include: 

  • Implementing safe COVID-19 workplace guidelines to ensure our employees are educated and remain safe
  • Modifying our working environments and better managing the risk of COVID-19 by adhering to government guidelines
  • Assessing our IT infrastructure to ensure we support remote work for staff and deliver services to customers via our client portal
  • Communicate internally to staff and vendors and externally to our customers to ensure that the business continuity plan, updates and changes can be communicated in real time to those who need to know specific information; and those who need to take a new action, that the information has been received and action taken as appropriate

Our leadership team is responsible for this plan and its implementation. The team includes executive leadership and representation from each division. Please refer to the following link for WMC’s detailed COVID-19 guidelines.

For our onsite training programs, we have developed specific training facility requirements and require participants to complete a COVID-19 Screening Form


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