Safety Compliance Audit

If you have determined that your workplace isn’t compliant with the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act, it is important to conduct a Health and Safety Gap Analysis (also known as a Safety Compliance Audit). Conducting a safety audit is crucial to ensure that your workplace has the right management systems and programs to minimize incidents and reduce risk to their workers. Conducting a gap analysis can not only make workplaces safer but can also lead to improved profitability and productivity. The gap analysis will also provide Workplace Medical with the required information to help you develop safe work procedures and understand your business operations.

Health & Safety Management Policy & Work Safe Procedures:

  • Health & Safety policy
  • Violence & Harassment policy
  • Concrete descriptions of employer, worker and supervisor responsibilities
  • How to report hazards
  • Illness and injury reporting
  • Work refusals
  • Workplace inspections – JHSC
  • JHSC reference terms
  • Emergency response procedures for severe weather, power outage, and more
  • Implementing a progressive disciplinary program
  • Substance abuse: policy & program (including cannabis)
  • Health & Safety training forms and documentation
  • What is a contractor’s policy?
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Ladder safety procedures
  • First aid policy and procedures

Components of a Health & Safety Gap Analysis Plan:

  • Discuss and review current policies, training and documentation with key personnel.
  • Conduct a comprehensive audit of the workplace to become familiar with operations.
  • Workplace Medical will provide an outline of the required documentation to have ready on the day of the audit.
  • Based on the information gathered in the audit, a prioritized action plan with recommendations will be produced.
  • Workplace Medical will then develop a specific set of policies and procedures to ensure your workplace is compliant with the Ontario Health and Safety Act and standards.
  • Upon final approval of the program by the client, Workplace Medical will submit the management system to the client.

For most workplaces, it should take 4-5 days to complete a Safety Compliance and Gap Analysis, one day for the site audit / consultation, and 3-4 days to compile the report and develop the procedures for your workplace.

Workplace Medical can be your outsourced consultant to help your company achieve self-reliance. We can work on a contract basis to monitor your company’s Health and Safety program and training.

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