Workplace Medical has designed and implemented an integrated, information technology platform to manage nearly every facet of its business – from initial client interaction and sales through to service delivery and invoicing. This progressive approach to managing mission-critical data makes Workplace Medical efficient, productive and provides important tools to deliver a higher level of service to its clients. Built upon Microsoft CRM, Workplace Medical has implemented a flexible and customizable database that automates workflows and invoices, triggers notification, and most importantly, helps manage service delivery quality control. We track nearly every facet of service delivery, including appointment dates and service protocols. As a result, we have access to a wide range of data that is leveraged through reporting and detailed analytics to improve the service we provide. From a client perspective, our investment in information technology makes it seamless for Workplace Medical to share information, in real time, through purpose-built portals, or websites. We regularly create customized client portals so that they can view information specific to their company. Views and access levels are defined by security roles established by Workplace Medical and the client We have seen an increasing number of clients requesting portal access. And we are confident that the platform we’ve created is leading our industry. Our client portals provide the highest level of interactivity, customization and real-time data access. Our clients are quick to point out the many benefits of our customized portals, including:  
    • Real time visibility on the status of their service request
    • Customized process to log a service request
    • Real time reporting
    • Ability to export data to Microsoft Excel
    • Enhanced tracking and quality control – dashboards can be created to show turn-around times for appointment bookings and results reporting
    • One portal, and integrated data for all Workplace Medical services
    • Easily create incident reports and start cases for Workers Compensation claims

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