The Conference Board of Canada has released, “Missing in Action: Absenteeism Trending Canadian Organizations” as the first part of a three-part series about absenteeism and disability management.

Absent employees are costing the Canadian economy a staggering $16.6 billion

In 2011, full-time employees averaged a 9.3-day absent rate. Within this document, the Conference Board suggests that employers must improve tracking reasons for employee absences so that they can better understand absenteeism, and only 46% of companies track absenteeism (2012).

Organizations cannot improve absenteeism if they are not tracking it.

Solutions for tracking absenteeism exist. We also know that most of the companies that do track absenteeism do not track it well, and thus cannot take action on the results.

Key findings from the Conference Canada research:

  • Absenteeism costs the Canadian economy $16.6B (2012)
  • Average days absent in Canada is 9.3 but varies widely by industry (2011)
  • Only 46% of companies track absenteeism (2012)
  • Survey estimates direct costs at 2.4% of gross payroll
  • Findings do not include direct costs

Absenteeism requires a holistic approach within an organization.

What typically falls to Human Resources staff must be collaboratively controlled by frontline management, HR executive staff, and C-level leaders. To help Canadian businesses streamline internal processes and policy implementation for absence management, we offer a customizable software solution that can be tailored to work with your absence management program and close costly loopholes that can affect your productivity.