Avoidable absences in Canada cost companies over $16 Billion per year. But many of these absences – and these costs – can be avoided, if you have the right tools. At Workplace Medical, we utilize a three-step process (Prevent – Respond – Return to Work) as well as a unique software solution (called ATOMS) to keep your employees safe and productive. And our call centre is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Customized software solutions for absence management: Fighting Absenteeism and Improving Productivity

Loopholes and “leaks” in your internal processes can cost your organization thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, each year. Absence management software helps you streamline your internal processes and policy implementation, while closing costly loopholes that can affect your productivity. At Workplace Medical, we partner closely with our customers to help make sure that avoidable absences – also known as absenteeism – are under control. We offer an easy-to-implement web-based software that works in conjunction with a central call centre service.

The approach is high-tech, and high-touch – giving your team the personal attention you need, with an automated process that’s always working for you. Trained operators receive your employee absence calls around the clock, avoiding messages received too late or missed entirely through voicemail. With each call, the operator knows the right questions to ask and enters the information into the system. This information is then pushed out to the relevant supervisors and HR staff to ensure timely notifications, allowing you to cover shifts quickly for maximizing productivity. One of the most beneficial aspects of absence management software is that it can be tailored to work with your absence management program. You specify what information call centre operators will collect, and rules can be set to automate communication and reporting immediately as incidents occur. From capturing and communicating information tailored to your policies, to scheduling and reporting, absence management software addresses the needs of everyone in your organization as well as the challenges you face in implementing attendance policies.

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