Hearing Loss Prevention Programs – We’re Canada’s oldest and largest hearing conservation specialists, testing thousands of employees every year across all provinces. NIHL, or Noise Induced Hearing Loss, is the leading cause of workman’s compensation claims in North America. Yet, with effective hearing loss prevention programs from Workplace Medical, NIHL can be completely eliminated. Here’s how:

Canada’s Leader for Hearing Loss Prevention Programs

The World Health Organization says that hearing loss is the most common permanent – but preventable – on the job injury in the world. The good news is: with Workplace Medical, you can prevent and even eliminate noise induced hearing loss. With our state-of-the-art mobile testing units, we bring hearing testing to you. At your location, our mobile centers can test as many as 250 employees per day. We provide consulting services, including noise surveys, designed to identify noise hazard areas and help you to reduce excess noise. And we offer a complete range of custom-fitted hearing protectors that provide superior effectiveness when compared to traditional models. Find out more by visiting our Hearing Loss Prevention site, or just contact us.