Many Canadians spend much of their waking hours at places of work. This reality has encouraged many employers to recognize the incredible value of having workplace wellness programs, and the benefits these programs can have on the general health of workers, and their productivity.

With the success of your organization likely heavily dependent upon its employees, it makes sense to ensure your staff has a healthy environment in which to thrive and establish programs that encourage them to make positive lifestyle changes.

Professional development programmes and newer wellness initiatives have been proven to boost worker productivity and their overall engagement. Therefore, engaging in such initiatives has positive benefits to both the company and employees’ health. By instituting healthy lifestyle policies and behaviors at your place of work, you can help your staff be their best at work, and play, throughout their lives.   

The Workplace Medical complete wellness programme can help your organization to achieve these objectives. Let’s have a closer look.

Biometric Testing – Know Your Numbers

Your first step to a healthy organization should be an onsite biometric clinic. We have a team of registered nurses that can perform health screens with your staff – at your place of business. Each participant will receive his or her personalized test results, as well as health coaching from a nurse competent in identifying potential health risks to your employees. Your employees will also receive handouts and valuable information to take home and share with their family. 

In addition, an a la carte biometric screening program is available from Workplace Medical. The screenings are offered as individual items that may include blood glucose, lipid panel testing, blood pressure, flexibility tests, strength tests, percentage body fat and body mass index (BMI).

A successful wellness program begins by establishing a baseline where employees ‘know their numbers.’ This is the importance of biometric testing. We also offer more comprehensive testing clinics, including:  

WMC HEALTHCheck: This clinic provides non-fast blood tests of cholesterol, blood glucose, body mass index (BMI), and blood pressure.

WMC HEARTCheck: We offer this clinic to both fasting and non-fasting participants, measuring blood glucose, BMI, blood pressure and full lipid panel screening (triglycerides, HDL, total cholesterol, and LDL).

WMC miniHEALTH Assessment: This clinic screens employees of the six common health problems that include diabetes, anemia, high blood pressure, depression, high cholesterol, and sleep disturbances. The assessment usually involves completing a questionnaire, having a one-on-one meeting with a nurse, and drawing of non-fasting blood. We follow it up with a telephone consultation to discuss the results of the lab tests as well as health teaching.

Corporate Wellness Program – Designed to Suit Your Budget and Objectives

Starting a corporate health and wellness program can be overwhelming – figuring out where to start is often the first, and greatest challenge.

Workplace Medical is pleased to join with Employee Wellness Solutions Network (EWSNetwork) to help our firm expand the depth and breadth of its service offering. Through our partnership with EWSNetwork, we are now able to provide clients with a Corporate Wellness Membership as an extension of Workplace Medical’s wellness offering. The membership offers customized and multi-faceted wellness initiatives that will fit with your organization’s budget and objectives.

This program provides an easy and cost-effective way to implement your corporate program through a monthly membership subscription service – assuring the delivery of your wellness program throughout the year.

The key to the success of EWSNetwork is their ability to identify your corporate objectives and strategically align health initiatives to support their achievement while improving the health and productivity of your employees. This results in a healthy culture and a more profitable workplace. The key features of the Corporate Wellness Membership include awareness programs, one-on-one coaching, needs assessment, group workshops, challenges, staff information sessions, all-year long health campaigns, family wellness initiatives, and health risk assessments (HRA).

As the world of work progresses, top-notch employers will be increasingly identified by the quality of their wellness programs. Whether the company is large or small, it can significantly benefit from having some form of wellness program. Given that such programs lead to the improvement of the employees’ well-being and boosts company productivity and taking into consideration the amount of time employees spend in their workplaces, it is vital to nurture these programs.

If an employer can go beyond the expectations of its employees, it encourages staff members to do the same – often working harder and being more productive and committed to the organization.

If you would like to learn more about how Workplace Medical can assist your organization in establishing a corporate health and wellness program, please contact us today.