As the world works to slow the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) through physical distancing and self-isolation, Workplace Medical Corp. is continuing to provide information and services for our clients.

We are still open for business
Many of our clients are essential services that must continue to follow health and safety protocols, including occupational health medical testing, to keep their employees safe.
We are continuing to provide that service at our occupational health clinics in Toronto, Hamilton, London, Ottawa (reduced hours), Surrey (reduced hours), and on-site in southern Ontario as well as certain associate clinics throughout Canada and the US. We are prioritizing clients who need mask fitting for their employees. Also, please note that we are still shipping AEDs and AED accessories.
Our disability case managers are working from home and continue to support our clients’ STD and absence management programs.  Our team is here to help with the management of sick leave and absenteeism issues even if there are no formal STD claims or workers’ compensation claims triggered.

We receive a lot of questions about return to work and on-site screening of employees.

  •  Temperature Screening at the workplace.- This is a service we could provide; however, there is a shortage of appropriate PPE. We will monitor this closely and advise when we would be able to assist organizations with this service.  
  • COVID-19 Testing.- We have access to an instant COVID-19 screen that could be used to screen employees who have been off work with a fever and are now symptom-free and ready to return to work. This screen only works for previously symptomatic individuals. Once PPE is available, we be able to deliver this service at our occupational health clinics.
Services that are suspended, or not offered at this time: 
  • Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT): The Academy of Occupational Health and Environmental Medicine (AOEM) has raised concerns about PFT during the coronavirus outbreak, specifically the risk of droplets from exhaling. Therefore, Workplace Medical is not currently providing this service.
  • H&S Training: On-site H&S training is suspended. However, we are still providing online H&S training through our website (
  • On-site mobile hearing testing. We are postponing testing and working with clients to rebook. Our MHT staff are working on retooling policies, procedures and workflows to be more efficient when we do return to testing.
  • First aid training. The WSIB has posted on its website a 90-day extension on all first aid training and has advised providers not to deliver any training at this time. Online only training is not approved.
  • Closed Locations: One clinic in BC (Burnaby), as well as Sarnia and Oshawa, are closed until further notice. 
The manufacturer of the instant COVID-19 testing is hopeful that by May, they will have an instant test to screen asymptomatic people. This would be a huge step forward because those who are infected can be positive and asymptomatic. We will keep you posted on any developments.

At times like these, we must rely on only the most credible sources of information. We’ve compiled a list of websites to help you stay up to date on matters related to COVID-19.