Workplace Inspection Training

Workplace Inspection Training is designed to give participants knowledge and skills to conduct workplace inspections. Our programs are extremely effective in workplaces where understanding the law and responsibilities of the workforce is essential for maintaining a safe environment.

Workplace Inspection Training Outline (8 Hours):

  • Different types of workplace inspections
  • Legal requirements
  • Understanding the 5 steps of workplace inspections
  • Establishing policies and procedures in your workplace
  • Understanding floor plans
  • Developing checklists
  • Filing reports and making recommendations
  • Follow-up procedures
  • Hazard recognition best practices
  • As part of this course, participants will conduct an inspection of their workplace

What is the Purpose of Workplace Inspections?

  • To recognize substandard conditions, processes, and behaviours to prevent accidents or loss
  • Listen and evaluate the hazards identified by employees in the workplace
  • Assess the cause of hazards and to determine the risk of future incidents
  • Eliminate or reduce risks through the implementation of the inspection results and recommendations

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