WMC Wellness Platform

WMC MediKeeper is a highly customizable wellness portal that integrates seamlessly with any wellness program. The easy-to-use interface is designed for easy access not only for the user but for the administrators as well.

MediKeeper has bundled integrations with leading wellness service providers to deliver your wellness program.  Key wellness program initiatives supported and delivered by the platform include:

Key wellness initiatives supported and delivered by the portal include

  1. Health Risk Assessment
  2. Challenges – corporate, divisional ad hoc groups
  3. Education – includes LifeSpeak health and wellness video library which is typically sold separately
  4. Virtual Fitness – provided by Burnalong
  5. Incentives and Rewards
  6. Social Circles to foster communication, support, and collaboration
  7. Tracker – integrates with over 200 wearable devices
  8. Biometric screening tracking
  9. Coaching platform

The WMC Medikeeper platform is also a powerful tool for wellness program managers to manage and track engagement.

  • Customize reports. ​
  • Create “triggers” to target specific subsets of employees based on answers from the HRA​
  • Send targeted information and emails to these groups​
  • Flag members to be part of groups (one or more) for challenges and access​
  • Send out surveys to the registered users to target the next challenges or to get insight into programs


Wellness Platform “Tiles”

Health Risk Assessment

  • Deliver valuable health information and create action plans for participants based on their Health Risk Assessment results. ​
  • The comprehensive HRA questionnaire gathers in-depth information about each person’s lifestyle, demographics, and medical history. ​
  • Participants can view their personalized health management indicator, suggestions for ways to lower their risk, and plans for wellness aimed at improving their health in a variety of areas.​

Social Circles

  • Promote active participation by creating online communities through the Social Circles feature. Individuals can join and interact with those who share similar interests and make connections across multiple wellness groups within the workplace.
  • Inspired by the functionality of familiar social platforms, Circle members can share relevant lifestyle content, react with a like, heart, high five, question mark, or exclamation point, and comment on individual wall posts.



  • Invite participants to join individual and team-based challenges, choosing from a wide variety of wellness topics, such as emotional health, financial wellness, and social well-being.
  • Challenge participants can view leaderboard standings and post Social Wall messages, photos, and GIFs to interact with other members and encourage competition.
  • With an integration of 100+ devices and apps, participants have the option of automatically tracking their progress toward challenge milestones.

Online Fitness through Burnalong

  • With Burnalong, give your employees – and their families – the online health and wellness video classes and programming they need, as well as the social motivation of friends, family, and co-workers to do it.
  • Burnalong clients span 70+ countries and range from Fortune 500 companies, to banks, to tech companies, to factories, to universities, to municipalities.

Health Education Partners

  • LifeSpeak is a comprehensive well-being platform with instant access to expert, video-based advice on a wide range of topics, from physical and mental health to relationships, financial health, parenting, and caregiving.
  • Members can view video transcripts, download audio, and tip sheets, and share videos through email with friends and family members.
  • Healthwise is a science-based, health education platform that provides a robust health content library consisting of information on specific conditions, life stages, and other wellness topics.