Spills Response Training

The goal of the Spills Response Training course is to ensure participants know how to respond to a spill. An effective spill response involves containment, stopping the flow, clean up, reporting the incident, and restoring the area. All of this must be done to ensure the safety of the individual, the people surrounding the incident, and the environment in which it occurred.

Spills Response Training Syllabus (4 Hours):

  • The OH&S Act and regulations
  • Understanding your responsibilities after a spill
  • The Environmental Protection Act
  • Understanding your legal requirements and accountability
  • Recognizing spill hazards and prevention measures
  • How to respond to a spill
  • Recognizing hazards that may be present during a spill
  • Know when you need to call in Team 1
  • How to conduct a controlled response
  • Containing the spill and preventing further contamination
  • After the spill: dealing with clean up and hazardous waste
  • Reporting an incident
  • Restoring the area
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Spills response cart

Note: additional 2 hours of training of practical application is required. Policy and procedures for safely handling spills are provided for all participants. This requires access to spills cart and area for mock spill scenario