JHSC Part One Basic Certification Training

For all workplaces that require certified members, regardless of industry, we provide Part One Basic Certification training. This is the precursor to Part Two Workplace Specific Hazards training, which focuses on at least six identified hazards in your workplace. Part two must be attended and completed within 6 months of Part One. Workplace Medical is a Chief Prevention Officer-approved training provider for Part One, Part Two and JHSC Refresher training.

Part One Basic Certification Training Theory Outline (3 Days):

Day One

  • How do you get certified?
  • Regulations and legislation
  • Duties of employers & other parties
  • Toxic substances
  • Worker rights to refuse or stop work
  • Reprisals from employers prohibited

Day Two

  • Enforcement practices
  • Possible offences and penalties
  • Regulations
  • Maintaining due diligence
  • Safety and psychosocial risks
  • Health hazards, dangers and risks
  • Hazard recognition during an inspection

Day Three

  • Basic hazard assessment practices
  • Hazard control techniques and evaluation
  • Legal requirements and reporting processes
  • Reporting methods and outline of roles and responsibilities
  • Conducting a successful interview
  • Prevention resources and practices
  • Communication guidelines
  • Final Exam

The Complete Certification Process Including Part One, Part Two and Refresher Training:

  • Step 1: Complete the 3-day Part One Basic Certification training
  • Step 2: Within six months of Step1, identify your workplace hazards and complete Part Two Workplace Specific Hazards training

Workplace Medical recommends participants take this training within a few weeks of Part One so knowledge and skills are fresh and ready to be developed further

  • Step 3: Every three years take a JHSC Refresher training program to keep you up to date

Which Workplaces Must Have Joint Health and Safety Committees?

  • If your workplace has 5 employees or less, you are not required to have a JHSC or a health and safety representative unless there is a designated substance regulation applied to your workplace.
  • If your workplace has 6-19 personnel, employers are required to have one health and safety agent who is selected by the staff. You are required to have a JHSC if a designated substance regulation applies to your workplace.
  • If your workplace has 20-49 employees, you are required to have a JHSC. The committee must have (at minimum) two members: 1 manager and 1 worker.
  • If your workplace has 50 or more employees, you are required to have a JHSC containing (at minimum) 4 members.

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