Lockout Tagout Training

The purpose of Lockout Tagout Training is to ensure participants are familiar with the hazards and legal repercussions of not locking out equipment with hazardous energy sources.

LOTO Training Program (4 Hours):

  • What is lockout tagout?
  • Understanding the legal ramifications
  • Understanding the necessity of lockout policies
  • How the law applies to HEC and lockout requirements
  • When do HEC and lockout apply
  • Different types of energy that must be controlled
  • Different ways to develop machine-specific lockout procedures
  • Use of placards
  • Important definitions
  • Step-by-step procedures to lock and unlock a piece of equipment
  • Specific scenarios where lockout is required
  • A list of lockout equipment and devices
  • Hands-on practical training for the shop floor

Note: additional training where workers practice locking out their equipment requires an additional 2 hours.