JHSC Refresher Training

Participants who completed the Part One and Part Two certification are required to take a 1-day JHSC Refresher training every 3 years in order to stay current with all JHSC programs.

JHSC Refresher Training Outline (6.5 hours):

  • Key words in the act; standards, regulations, guidelines, codes, etc.
  • Responsibilities and duties of all workplace parties
  • The duties and rights of the JHSC
  • Conditions where a right to refuse or stop work is justified
  • Reprisals from employers
  • Enforcement and notices
  • Recognition, Assessment, Controls, Controls, Evaluation (RACE)
  • How to investigate and conduct an interview
  • Group work exercise
  • Resources for prevention
  • Test, course evaluation and Q&A period

What if I’m Certified Under the Old Standards?

Participants don’t have to take the refresher program every 3 years if they took both Part One and Part Two under the old standards.

If someone completes Part One under the old standard, they do not have to take Part 2 within 6 months. The Part One doesn’t expire so they can take Part 2 at any time.

However, after taking Part Two under the new standards, participants will be in the new process where they must take the JHSC Refresher course every 3 years.

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