Incident Investigation

On-site accidents happen every day throughout the country. Accidents cause serious injuries, disrupt productivity, and cut into business profits. With just this one, comprehensive course, business owners can use this incident investigation training to eliminate future accidents.

DEVICE COMPATIBILITY: Desktop, Laptop, Tablet/iPad, Phone
PRICING: $39.00
Our Incident Investigation training online provides better cost savings and more flexibility than in-class training. Not only does Incident Investigation reporting help employees, but it also helps to improve business efficiency and lower liability risk. In this course, managers and supervisors will learn the correct way to respond to an incident report, how to complete an accident form, and how to use this information to prevent accidents from occurring in the future. This comprehensive course takes on 60 minutes to complete. In 60 minutes, students will receive thorough online training, take a quiz to test their knowledge, and receive a certificate to verify course completion. Here are some of the courses covered:
  • Introduction to Accident/Incident Investigations
  • Gathering Information About the Event
  • Analyzing the Facts Related to the Event
  • Implementing Corrective Measures to Prevent Reoccurrence
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Description of an Investigation Kit

Who Needs Incident Investigation Training?

Managers, supervisors, Safety Committee members, and Health and Safety representatives can all benefit from learning about performing an Accident Investigation and completing an Incident Investigation Report.  

Introduction to Accident/Incident Investigations

    • Objectives
    • Definitions

Gathering Information About the Event

    • Secure the scene
    • Collect physical evidence
    • Summary and review

Analyzing the Facts Related to the Event

    • The contributors
    • Develop the sequence of events prior to, during and after the incident
    • Determine cause(s) of the incident
    • Summary and review

Implementing Corrective Measures to Prevent Reoccurrence

    • Recommendations based on the hierarchy of controls
    • Write the report
    • Summary and review

Regulatory Requirements

    • The legal requirements for reporting and investigating fatalities and critical injuries
    • Describe the need for thorough investigations and an effective reporting system.
    • Describe the roles and responsibilities of the Ministry of Labour, police and workplace parties in an investigation.
    • Describe responsibilities of the workplace parties at the scene of an injury.

Description of an Investigation Kit