Accident Investigation Training

The purpose of Accident Investigation Training is to teach participants the basics of injury and incident investigation procedures in order to prevent future re-occurrence. Attendees will become adept at creating and implementing in-house investigation reports and staying compliant with government bodies such as the Ministry of Labour.

Accident Investigation Syllabus (8 Hours):

  • Best practices for eliminating or reducing injuries & illnesses
  • Create the foundation of an effective Health and Safety Program
  • Accidents: Predictable and Preventable
  • Quick response when serious/critical injury occurs
  • Legal requirements of an investigation
  • When there is a need for an investigation
  • How to conduct an investigation
  • The Accident Pyramid
  • Reactive vs. Preventive investigation practices
  • The scene of the injury/incident
  • How to conduct interviews of victims and witnesses
  • Gauging the impact of accident investigations
  • Sorting fact from fiction
  • Determining the causes and contributing factors
  • Preparing reports and compiling data
  • Making recommendations for prevention
  • Follow up Needed

The Accident Pyramid

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