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Workplace Medical can help you tackle one of the greatest problems affecting organizations, both public and private, in Canada: employee absenteeism.

Workplace Medical’s Absence Management software is a modern, intuitive absence management software solution. It helps organizations manage and record any form of absence such as sickness, shared parental leave, and holiday.

It is cloud based, so it’s accessible online from any device and it is very simple to use. There is no need to change your existing hardware or software, and you can be up and running within just a few days.

Key Features

  • Configured to meet your business needs
  • Configurable employee and manager dashboards
  • Employee self-service to request leave
  • Manage any form of leave - planned or unplanned
  • Authorise time earned and time off in lieu requests
  • Accurately record staff sickness absence
  • Comprehensive return to work process
  • Measure the costs, causes and impact of employee sickness absence
  • Identify sickness absence trends and patterns by department and across your organisation
  • Built in Bradford Factor calculator
  • Trigger point alerts
  • Calendar synchronisation with Outlook, Google Calendars and mobile devices
  • Manage changes in work and shift patterns
  • Automated leave allocation calculations

Workplace Medical's Absence Management software allows you to collect relevant information, share it with the right team promptly, and integrate it to identify absenteeism trends and correct issues.

Unlike a payroll and attendance system, Workplace Medical's Absence Management software captures information as it happens in real-time, empowering management and HR to act proactively and decisively.


Workplace Medical's Absence Management software is easy to implement and use. The web-based platform can be up and running quickly, without development costs. It is highly customizable, flexible and multi-lingual, allowing your organizations to:

  • Support the implementation of a clearly defined attendance policy
  • Manage vacation allowance and track vacation time-off
  • Manage organizational roles and responsibilities for recording absences and return to work processes
  • Follow a consistent, repeatable absence management process
  • Enable the organization to resolve non-compliance as per policy and record associated disciplinary action
  • Take a proactive approach to staff health and well-being
  • Reduce lost productivity and improve workplace morale
  • Reduce financial impacts to payroll and the bottom line

This web-based software works in conjunction with a central call centre service. Trained operators receive your employee absence calls around the clock, avoiding messages received too late or missed entirely through voicemail.

You’ll always know when an employee informs your organization that they will not be reporting for work. The approach is high-tech and high-touch – giving your team the personal attention you need, with an automated process that’s always working for you.

The reporting process is efficient and , serves as a useful communication tool by delivering a consistent application of HR policies organization-wide.


After implementing Workplace Medical’s Absence Management software, you will notice internal processes and policy standards for absence management improve almost immediately. In time, costly loopholes that can affect productivity will be closed.

Your employees will have one central place to report absences. They can access the online holiday planner, make leave requests, and view who else is off during a particular time. They can easily view their holiday and sickness absence reports.

The Human Resources department will save time managing employee vacation and sick leave days. They will have access to more timely reporting to help them manage absence costs and allow for time to support the employees better by growing the corporate culture and team spirit instead of administering time off occurrences.

Team managers will have access to crucial information about their team's attendance and be able to approve or reject leave requests in one click from email. With the ability to access the software on any device, front line managers can respond to workforce challenges quickly.

And finally, your organization will have much better control over costs and better data to make decisions regarding employee absenteeism.

If you'd like to assess your absence management program, get your free Assessment Guide entitled, "Are there Leaks in your Absence Management Program?"

Is Workplace Medical’s Absence Management software right for your organization? We think so. Let's set up a time to meet and review how it can benefit your team.

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