First Aid & CPR

First Aid/CPR

Education That Empowers

Medical emergencies can be a frightening experience for a rescuer. Even with professional training, rescuers can fail to respond adequately because they are unable to retain what they learned or lack the confidence to act.

That’s why Workplace Medical Corp’s training approach breaks down First Aid/CPR processes into simple and memorable step-by-step sequences. And because our instructors are emergency professionals, they use realistic scenarios and their own front-line experience to create learning that sticks.

Your WSIB-certified partner in training

Most organizations strive for 10% of their workforce to be trained in First Aid/CPR procedures. But this may be inadequate depending on your site and possible response times. We’ll recommend a course of action that makes sense for you.

We customize our First Aid/CPR course so you get exactly what you need in a style that works for your employees. And thanks to our centralized administration, you can easily roll out training to multiple sites.

All our First Aid/CPR course participants receive wallet cards and a new upgraded 90-page manual for handy reference. Plus, we’ll remind you by e-mail when it’s time for people to recertify.

First Aid/CPR courses offered:

Standard First Aid/CPR Level C (16 HRS)
This course, recognized by the WSIB, is required for workplaces with more than 5 workers on a shift (WSIB Reg. 1101)

Standard First Aid/CPR Level C Recertification (8 HRS)
A 1-day recertification of the initial 2-day Standard First Aid course. As per the WSIB, the recertification must be done by the original training provider of the initial Standard First Aid course

Emergency First Aid/CPR Level C (8 HRS)
This course is required by workplaces that have less than 5 employees on a shift (WSIB reg 1101)

Standard First Aid/CPR with AED (16 HRS)
Because we understand our clients time restraints for scheduling, we have combined our core programs – SFA/CPR with AED Provider into a comprehensive course that will ensure the client has both compliance with WSIB requirements and their AED skills

Adult/Child CPR Level A (4 HRS)
For managing adults and children over 1 year of age

Infant/Child CPR Level B (4 HRS)
For childcare workers, new parents and grandparents

Adult/Infant/Child CPR Level C (4 HRS)
For those requiring CPR in the workplace and for those in the healthcare field